Sentir Coffee’s Cafe Latte 센티르커피, 달동 남구

I’m here today to show you yet another stunning cafe that everyone should either go to or appreciate with their eyes via the internet and visit later ♡

Overall, this cafe so beautiful. It’s one of those amazing “chic but minimal and stylish” cafes that Korea is just so good at producing. It also has a very modest feeling to it? Most spots that are in this “minimal” style seem quite pretentious and I never really feel comfortable in those cafes like I did here. It seems very organic and down-to-earth. This cafe is so down-to-earth that it doesn’t even have a proper sign outside, it just has a little wooden DIY stand with the words “Sentir Coffee” scribbled in chalk. It’s so cute and charming. I remember visiting a cafe a lot like this when I would visit my sister in Edinburgh, Scotland. I loved that place a lot, so having the aesthetics and vibe of this cafe be so similar makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😊 Having felt quite homesick recently, it’s nice to have a little reminder of home.

This cafe has an instagram (@sentir_coffee) so make sure to check them out! Also please give my insta a follow if you fancy (@cremajournal)

So, what about the coffee?

센티르커피 카페 라떼

For coffee I went with my typical order, an iced cafe latte. It was served in a very cute glass and had beautiful marbling where the espresso and the milk were mixing together in the glass. Visually- it was delightful. The taste of the coffee was very refreshing, perfect for an iced beverage on a hot summers day, or paired with a dessert. It was not sweet at all which I actually really enjoyed. The blend had the main flavour of citrus, like lemons, but it seemed to have undertones that were grassy or herby. There’s also a hint of smokiness that I can’t quite figure out but adds another pleasant dimension to the flavours. The aftertaste of the coffee actually reminded me a lot of green tea, with it’s herbiness and bitterness. This blend is definitely better suited to more mature palettes, but the flavours weren’t too strong so perhaps could be enjoyed by most people.

The menu is minimalist and simple, to pair with the overall vibe, consisting of a total of 9 coffee-based drinks (if you don’t like/can’t drink coffee then this place is not for you). They have a really nice selection including classics and more unusual drinks, like a flat white (that seems common but it’s not a drink that’s easy to find here- sadly) and an einspanner (an Austrian concoction of americano topped with a sweet cream) and more exotic ones like a mélange (a Vietnamese mellow foamed coffee similar to a cappuccino) and a marige (I have no idea). If you’re feeling adventourous then try those out. They also have a tiramisu which I didn’t order, but the table next to me did and it looked amazing. Definitely going to try it next time.

The atmosphere

Sentir Coffee actually has quite a rock’n’roll atmosphere, like a really edgy cocktail bar that is open in the day time. If their coffee plan doesn’t work out- they should absolutely make this a cocktail bar. The decor is mostly all black with occasional splashes of yellow or wooden furnishings. It’s all lit by very warming but grungey yellow lamps, strategically placed to give the minimum amount of light possible to still see and function. The front of the cafe is all windows so in the day you get a really refreshing flood of natural light. But as it’s currently 6:45pm and the sun is going down and the natural light is fading, the cafe is getting more and more enchanting. Sentir is situated down a random quiet sidestreet so it’s really perfect for those laid-back low-tempo afternoons when all you want is to drink good coffee and people-watch or read a good book.

Final thoughts

It seems irrelevant but I really would like the chance to download the music playlist for this cafe. It was so relaxing, but energising. They really have nailed matching the perfect music to the atmosphere they want so massive well done for that. It sounds redundant but effectively pairing music to the vibe is actually very challenging! So yeah, coffee shop owner (I guess you’re reading this), if you could hit me up with that playlist on Spotify then that would be great, thanks ♡

That’s one thing I wanted to mention too- the owner/barista of this cafe was very sweet and had the most amazing fashion. He brought my coffee to my table (which doesn’t happen often here), had minimal english ability (yeah I’m 99% sure he’s not actually reading this) but was very kind with his manner and gestures. You know how people say that most communication is not done with words but with body language….yeah like that. I just really love when cafe owners seem so warm and inviting as it makes the overall experience so much better.

The wooden sign ♡

Sadly, though I would love to do so, I can not take any credit for finding this cafe as it was boyfriend who found it while browsing kakaomaps (darn it). But I’m so glad he did. This place is quite nice. I often tease my boyfriend by saying that I have a better eye for cafes than he does (which is mostly true) but he’s done well this time!

My plan for today was to do a mini-coffee crawl and see a few places, but I like this place so much that I might stay here for a while. 9.5/10. Will absolutely visit Sentir again, for sure.

Until next time, happy sipping~

Laura ☕🌸


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