Korean Flower Cafes~ Cafe Kukka, Seoul (카페 꾸까, 서울)

If there’s one thing I love- it’s a good flower cafe. The thing that I loved about this particular cafe? It mixed all the beauty of a flower cafe with simplicity. There are some flower cafes you go to that are so packed with bouquets that it can become a bit…overpowering? But this cafe had the feeling of a stylish, sophisticated, minimal typically-Korean cafe; complemented by the addition of really stunning tasteful flower displays. It was seriously a beautiful atmosphere. This cafe is absolutely ideal as a meeting place as it has such a refreshing feeling of classiness, but it isn’t over-the-top or obnoxiously “too” fancy. If you can’t tell- I really loved it and got so many good photos.

A flower cafe is the absolutely perfect place for one of those “impromptu-photoshoots” that I find myself talking about a lot. You’re in a room surrounded by the most flattering lighting and beautiful flower arrangements…you’d be foolish not to take photos right?

Our “photoshoot” ♡

Now onto the coffee:

The Blends: This cafe actually offered the choice from two coffee blends:

Blend 1: Single Origin- sweet and slightly more sour than the other. Notes of orange and floral (acacia)

Blend 2: Burgundy- slightly more sweet and more full-bodied. Hints of cacao, dark chocolate, and nuts.

For my latte I chose the single origin as I really enjoy orangey citrus blends, and my boyfriend got the other blend with his americano. The single origin really suited the latte as the addition of the milk made the sourness more mellow and made the flavours more vibrant and enjoyable. The richness of the burgundy blend was also more suited to the americano, as milk with that blend might make it a bit too sweet/rich. The latte also had flower latte art! How appropriate ♡

This cafe also had a really cute bakery section! Filled with beautiful looking scones and cookies and bread etc.

The baked goods♡

The flower cafe “concept” is one that I did not really see in England- maybe they have them now? I’ve been gone for a while. Of course we had cafes that incorperate flowers as part of the decor- but they’re not explicitly called “flower cafes” like they are here. From what my friends say (who have been in SK a far few more years than myself), it seems that flower cafes only really became “a thing” in the past year or two, and the industry has blown-up since then. In Seoul alone there is a thriving channel of these cafes that are (for obvious reasons) a real hot-spot for visiting tourists. I think it’s such a great idea as it provides such a lovely atmosphere to enjoy yourself and relax; the coffee in the cafe I’m discussing today was also really pleasant. So, all-round this was a fantastic experience.

Cafe Kukka has a very beautiful instagram page (@kukkakorea) with the most beautiful flower arrangements- so please check them out! The cafe does flower arranging classes, which is something I would love to do in the future.


The cafe has two branches- one in Itaewon and one next to Gwanghwamun Palace (I visited the latter).

용산구 이태원동 361 (Itaewon)/ 종로구 율곡로 1 (Gwanghwamun)

I truly love this cafe so please check it out if you’re in Seoul!

Follow my Instagram if you want to see more beautiful shots ^^

Happy sipping~

Laura 🌸☕



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