The Perfect Date-Night Spot: Cafe Abiachae (카페 아비아채)

It’s a peaceful, crisp evening in Autumn; the cold breeze is blowing gently and you and your significant other are lovingly wrapped around each other in efforts to stay warm. You both crave some kind of hot beverage in a “date-like” setting to make the evening truly perfect (also some kind of cake wouldn’t go amiss). Then you see it, in the distance, the warm etheral glow of golden light and classy jazz music pooling from the cutest most regal cafe you’ve seen in a while. It’s Cafe Abiachae.


Let me tell you reader, I’ve been to this cafe 3 times now. One during the brunch hours of the day, and the last two in the late hours to nicely conclude a date night with the bf. In both settings this place was really pleasant. The decor incorperates rustic, tall, bare “old-brick” style walls, finished with modern touches like painted pillars, fresh flowers and brilliantly clean white tableclothes. Abiachae is idealic for a brunch setting (the food is also exquiste) but the warm glow I previously mentioned is what makes this cafe so captivating. I would highly recommend visiting there for an evening non-alcoholic-nightcap for these reasons.

With regards to the menu, they offer an extensive collection of brunch items, fresh cakes, pastries, beatifully brewed teas, some beers and a really nice diverse range of coffees.

Here is the breakdown:

At the risk of sounding controversial (as it is infact…not coffee…) my favourite drink from the menu and the one I often crave after a crisp walk along the Taehwa River is the Chocolate Latte. Don’t be confused by the name; there is no coffee to be found here. But my my it is truly the best chocolate based beverage I’ve had the pleasure of trying (sorry Maze Coffee Nuclear Hot Chocolate– you may have some competition). The chocolate is really smooth and rich- but not overly sweet. It reminds me a lot of the luxury hot chocolate I used to make as a barista at a cafe years ago; this hot chocolate used shredded chocolate as the base instead of powdered chocolate. As a result the drink is a lot silkier and creamy (and, sadly, a lot more expensive usually). That would be my only complaint about this cafe; the prices are a bit high but the products are really nice and luxury is often worth the price. The Chocolate Latte is truly a dream in a cup and I would pay 3 times the price for it if I had to.


This cafe sits snuggily alongside the Taehwa River Park so the location is truly magical. The taehwa park is a famous spot in Ulsan for its festivals and bamboo forest; all of which often attract many families and couples. Abiachae takes full advantage of this romantic aura and often have the front porch windows of the cafe wide open so you can watch the beautiful park and listen to the calm atmosphere of fun and laughter. At the risk of sounding repetitive- it is truly idealic. I don’t often gush about a cafe in this way but, damn, this one deserves it.

~The outside view~

If I could add anything to make this cafe better, it would be an open fireplace. But Korea doesn’t seem to like them…probably due to most bulidings being pretty high muti-storied blocks. Oh well.

Cafe Abiachae

Insta- @cafe_abiachae

Address- 118, Singi-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan 44456

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Happy sipping!~

Laura x

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