Empty Forest Cafe + Life Update! 공허의숲

After all the excitement with the Seoul Cafe Show in my last post, I’m back with another cafe review (yayyyyyyy!). Honestly these posts are always my favourites…not sure why, they just seem so intimate (in a non-weird way?).

But before that I have some important news about changes in my life. I am nearing the end of my year-long job contract in Ulsan and shall be starting a new job in january…in Seoul. That’s right folks, I’m gonna be moving to the countries capital. If you know Seoul, then my new job with be based in Sinchon which is next to Hongdae (a.k.a. cafe central, so yay!), I’m nervous, yet excited, intrigued, yet apprehensive. Honestly it’s a big change so I’m not sure how I should be feeling. My job is the one that I came to Korea to do, so I’m really happy about that, but it’s so different from my current job that I’m super scared about it. I’m sure it will be great.

Of course this will affect my blog as my content will turn into places more “seoul-orientated”, but this is probably a good thing as my blog could be used as a cafe reference guide for people visiting Seoul! Ulsan is lovely and all…but no one is visiting Ulsan for a weekend getaway. So overall this may be a great opportunity for my blog to develop and for me to try new things! Anyway…

Onto the review…

Empty Forest is a cafe that I’ve heard about from various people in my life- apparently it’s somewhat famous in Ulsan? Funny story: I actually had a really hard time finding out the name of this cafe (as the sign outside and all the merchandise is merely decorated with a simplistic doodle of a tree. The only way I could find the name was by looked at the name of the wifi…

First Impressions:

The decoration follows a nature theme by using a white and little green colour palette, with the inclusion of some tastfully-placed potted plant and flowers. It’s clean-looking with some “shabby-chic” style, aged wooden touches. It’s modern and minimalist. Like a lot of Korean Cafes I’ve visited, it has that intentional stylistic design of being half-finished; as in the ceiling looks like a ceiling would before being decorated, and there’s random pieces of furniture intentionally strewn around. It’s a decorating style that I didn’t think I would enjoy prior coming to Korea, but I’ve really grown to love it. It seems so sophisticated and fresh.

The Coffee:

For my morning pre-work caffeine fix I ordered an iced americano and a vanilla madeleine. The madeleine was really nice- crisp and sweet on the outside but fluffy and satisfying on the inside. The coffee was really good also. I don’t know exactly what beans they used (it’s a secret blend apparently) but the flavour was smoky, deep, rich, and highly aromatic. It wasn’t too bitter because of the richness also which made it really pleasant. With regards to flavour profiles I would say floral and with a sweet tartness similar to something citrusy or a berry. It really reminded me of cranberries. It was delightful and paired exquisitely with the sweet cake.

The Menu:

The drinks menu was overall smaller than other places and the main menu is focused highly on coffee based drinks. There is a menu for non-coffee drinks but it’s rather limited. They also had a nice selection of desserts and freshly baked goods (madeleines, cookies, croissants etc).

2018-11-19 01.36.23 1.jpg

Overall this cafe was very pleasant. It had a very open-planned feel to it, and the door was left open to add to this which made the cafe quite cold haha…that would be my only complaint. I thought it was stylish and had a nice character. It would be a good place to come and study in on a warm morning in spring.

Happy sipping~

Laura ❤


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